Clean your dryer vent…before it’s too late!

Cleaning my dyer vent is something that I have been trying to do for the last year and never seem to “have time”. Last night while I was lying in bed and listening to the dryer run, I decided that I just needed to do it before it is too late.  Too late you ask?!?  Yes, dryers cause thousands of household fires each year.  My dryer is in my unfinished basement so if there was a fire, by the time I would discover it, it would be too late for my house.  I am going to post a quick video to show you that this is nothing to take lightly. Click here to watch a short video about Dryer Fires.

I am also attaching to this a short set of video clips of me cleaning my dryer ductwork today. Not only did it have a lot of lint in it, but there was a hole in the ductwork that I was unaware of before today.  The reason that I am writing about this is that this is surely a DIY project that many homeowners can take on themselves.  The worst part is that you get a bit dirty from all the lint, but truly it was pretty simple.

Click below to watch the video I created of my project this morning.

How to clean your dryer vent

Unfortunately, the battery on the camera died before I finished.  The part that is not included in the video is of me connecting the connector of the flexible aluminum duct to the dryer. It was a very simple process in which I slid the connector over the connector on the dryer and secured with a duct clamp and some foil tape.  Viola! Done!

The whole project from start to finish took me 1.5 hours, including a quick trip to the hardware store.  Not bad if it prevents a fire.  If ductwork is only being cleaned then the only necessary tool is a screwdriver.  One of the other bonuses of this is that your clothes will dry faster and with less heat when the venting is clean.  If you have any question please don’t hesitate to ask. I would love to help


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    andre said,

    If I were asked what I’d pay to avoid a house fire I don’t know what that number would be but I can say it would involve quite a few zero’s and a comma (or two)!

    This information is invaluable.

    Thank you so much Kelly

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