All I Want is to Talk to a Real Human Being!

I just spent the last 45 minutes being transferred multiple times just to finally get to talk to the right person and get disconnected. I mean seriously, how much time does a person have to have to make a call to a company. I get so frustrated when the automated service picks up that I find myself yelling into the phone, “representative, operator, help” just to have it continue to say, “I do not recognize your request”.  I realize I may not be the most patient person, but I find it hard to believe that people can just calmly navigate through 25 different menus without getting frustrated.  Enough already.  Well here is a  way to make this a bit easier.

Last month, I stumbled upon a website that is really helpful in this regard.  The website is and it does just that. You go to the website and type in the company you want to call and it tells you the best number to call to get the fastest service and actually talk to a human.  Wow, and it really works. I have used it several times and it has been great. It tells you the best number to call, how to arrange a call back (if you prefer), the email address and even let’s you read reviews and review companies. The other awesome feature is that they tell you tricks specific to each company to help you get to a human faster.

On a side note, if you are still impatient even after getting the faster number, as I often am, I often push zero or # repeatedly and it usually gets me to a person.  The only warning I have is that on a few occasions this has led to me getting disconnected. Oops!  Happy calling and good luck!


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