The Frugal Momma?

Over the last couple of days, I have been contemplating changing the name of my blog to “The Frugal Momma”. Why you ask? Well the answer is really quite simple.  When I think about the way that my family lives, we do live a rather frugal lifestyle.  When people think of frugal they often associate this word with being cheap. To me, frugal is not that at all. To me, being frugal does not mean that we never splurge on the fancy things in life. It means that we are conscious of our expenditures and, even more importantly, conscious of our waste. We do not take this to the extreme and dive in dumpsters for our food or deprive our children of all the things they want. We teach our children not waste food and to appreciate what they have. To enjoy the things in life that money does not buy and to find value in working for what you have. Last year, we created a garden in our yard.  This was such a great way to save money and always have fresh produce. The best part though was that it allowed us to teach Avery about growing your own food and how much hard work and time goes into growing the food we eat.  This year she has already been talking about how much she can’t wait for summer so we can have a garden.

Over the last couple of years, I have learned about clipping coupons and buying a little extra of something when it is on sale. To me that is not cheap, it is just obvious.  I love coupons, but as a rule I only use coupons to buy things that I would normally buy. Afterall, if you use coupons to buy things you do not normally buy then you often end up spending more money than if you had not used the coupons at all.  In learning how to fix things around my home, I have not only saved a lot of money, but I have created a good knowledge of how things work. This knowledge is something I look forward to passing on to my children.

So why am I taking the time to write all this?  The truth is I think that many people are embarrassed to say that they are frugal. If being frugal means that I can save money, provide my family with healthy food and help the environment then count me in.  I am proud to call myself frugal.  Take a minute and read the article Frugally Green: Why all the fuss about being frugal?  I love this idea about saving the earth one dollar at a time! It offers some good ideas and a good perspective on frugality.


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