Vertical Gardening

As I am sure you can tell from my last couple of posts, I am getting really excited about my garden this year.  One of the biggest struggles in my garden is having enough space for everything that I want to grow.  Not only is my yard rather small, but I have  limited spaces that get the amount of sun that a garden needs.  Well thanks to my wonderful husband, I will be able to grow many more things in my garden this year.  Yesterday, he emailed me a link with some innovative ways to re-purpose things that many of us have around the house.  Many of them were great ideas, but there was one that I feel like I just have to share.   One of the ideas was to use gutters (yes, like the ones on your house) as planters.  By using these as planters you can easily expand your garden upwards.  It will also save you a lot of money compared to if you were buying standard planter boxes for the same purpose.  Vertical gardening is such a wonderful space-saving idea.  So here how it works.  You get some old gutters and nail them to the side of your shed (or your house if you want to).  I was also thinking that they could easily be attached to a fence or anything else that will hold them.  Then you use them as planters for all the smaller stuff that you grow in the garden. This is great for herbs, lettuce, spinach, just about anything that does not need to much space to grow.  Before you hang them, add a few additional holes with your drill to the bottom of the gutter to help provide a little extra drainage.  The other cool thing about this is that you can paint the gutters any color you want.  I am going to paint mine to match the new shed we are putting in this summer.  Hope this inspired you to get an early start on your garden and begin thinking about new ways that you can use your space.  Let’s face it, whether you have a 100 acres or 1 acre, with a little planning and creativity you can create and yummy, healthy and money saving garden.  Happy gardening!


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