12 Amazing Uses for Club Soda

Club soda is one of the things that not only do we love to drink in our house, but have discovered over the years that there are many uses for.  I always keep it in the house because it is cheap, tasty and can be used for tons of different things. Club soda is the frugal mama’s bestfriend!  I recently read an article (and learned a few new tricks) about using club soda for different things around the house so I figured I would write a post about some of the amazing daily uses for club soda.

The first thing you may be wondering is are club soda, seltzer water, mineral water and tonic all the same and the simple answer is no!  Tonic is the most different from this bunch and really does not taste like water.  It has a bitter taste due to the fact that it is flavored with quinine that pairs beautifully with the juniper berries that gin is made from. Making the gin and tonic a mighty tasty treat.   Club soda, mineral water and seltzer water are all similar, but yet a bit different.  All three are carbonated, but mineral water is enriched with minerals (thus the name :)), seltzer water is just fizzy water (sodium free) and club soda is fizzy water with a few minerals (including sodium) mixed in.  Here is  a link that explains the difference between these if you want to know more.

Now that you now the difference, remember it is club soda that works best for these little tips and tricks.  So without further adieu here is it.

1. Use club soda that has gone flat to water your house plants.  The minerals in it are great for perking up your house plants.  I have done this several times and it really does work.

2. Get a rusty screw loose. I have not tried this one but when I heard it, it makes sense that it should work.  You are supposed to pour the club soda on the rusty screw and let it sit 5 minutes. The minerals and fizz in the soda supposedly will react with the rust making it easier for the bubbles to loosen the rusty sediment.  If you try this you will have to let me know how it works.

3. Use club soda instead of water to make super fluffy pancakes.  This works so well it is crazy. You really need to try this.  The bubbles in the club soda make the pancakes light as air.

4.  Pour club soda in a coffee or tea stained mug and let it sit for a few hours or overnight.  The mug will look like new after this.

5.  Use club soda instead of water when you make jello. It makes the jello look like it is sparkling and the kids love it.

6. Use it to get rid of the greenish tint that blonde hair gets after swimming from the chlorine.  Just pour it on your hair in the shower and let it soak in for a few minutes.  You hair will be looking blonde again after a few minutes.

7. Use it to clean anything chrome or metal.  In the bathroom or kitchen use it to clean the faucet.   Pour it on the faucet or put in a spray bottle and use to clean faucet. Not only will it leave the faucet sparkling, but it helps to remove rust.

8. Use club soda to clean your jewelry.  I think this works better than jewelry cleaner.  It works best if you let your jewelry soak in the club soda overnight.

9.  Use it to clean up your pet’s accident.  Club soda works really well to neutralized the smell of urine decreasing the chance that your pet will have another accident in the same spot.

10. Soak oysters in club soda before you shuck them and they will be much easier to shuck. A soak in club soda makes the oysters relax 🙂 making them easier to open.

11. Clean your cast iron pan.  I love cooking in cast iron, but it can be a pain to clean. Pour some club soda into the pan and let it soak for a while.  Club soda does a beautiful job of breaking down the grease making tit much easier to clean.

12. Newspaper preservation.  I have not tried this one, but it sounds really interesting.  Mix one capful of milk of magnesia with about a quart of club soda.  Let the mixture sit overnight. Then soak newspaper clippings in the solution for one hour and blot dry.

So there you have it.  12 amazing uses for club soda.  Next time you have some club soda that is about to go flat or left over from a party try using it clean a mug or faucet or let is go flat and give your plants a healthy treat.

What other uses of club soda do you know of? I am sure there are lots more uses for it and I would love to hear about some of your favorites!


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