Make Your Own Sweet Pea Trellis

In a previous post, I mentioned making your own trellis for your peas to grow up.  Now, there are tons of different ways you can do this and all of them will probably work great.  After all, peas do not care what their trellis looks like, only that it is suitable for them to grab onto and grow up.  Last year, my daughter and I made a trellis out of posts and rope and it worked great.  It was not the most beautiful thing, but we had so much fun making it that I thought we would do the same again. The best part is that there was no out-of-pocket expense because I had everything I needed in my garden shed.

The process of creating the trellis is so simple. In fact, my almost 4 year old did it with very little help from me and she had so much fun. Here is what you do. Take two wooden stakes (about 5+ feet tall and drive them into the ground far enough apart that you can plant all your peas in between them.  Then take a piece of thin rope and tie it around one post.  Next wrap the rope around the other post being sure to pull it pretty tight so it stays in place.  Then weave the rope back and forth between the two posts making sure to wrap it around a different part of the post each time.  You will create a spider web like trellis for your peas to grow up.  Once you have finished weaving the rope back and forth, tie it off and get ready to plant you peas.

I started my peas in the green house a few weeks ago because my soil was not ready.  After my daughter made the trellis, we planted our pea plants in between the two post.  Place the peas directly under the first row of rope.  Remember that you may need to train your peas to climb up the trellis, but that should be easy if you planted them right under the first row of rope.  Happy Gardening!

Making the trellis all by herself!

Our little seedlings!

What kind of trellis do you use for you peas?  Did you make it yourself?  


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