Avery in her Doggers!

This is a silly post, but I feel inclined to share  this awesome (and frugal) find.  The other day, I stopped at CVS for some Advil and found myself with a basket full of stuff (as usual)  One of the things that made it into my basket was these cute little pink shoes for my girls.  Now, I don’t usually do my shoe shopping at CVS 😉 but these were on sale for buy 1 get one 50% off. This meant I paid $9.99 for the first pair and half for the second.  I was confident I could not go wrong with these beach shoes after paying $15 for two pairs.  The funny part is that over the last 6 days we have gotten about a million questions and comments about them. Literally every place we have gone, someone has asked me where I got them.  LOL  I love that the CVS shoes get way more compliments than the $35 Crocs.  That is why I wanted to post a link to these cute shoes so that other people can get in on the great deal.  On top of that, both my kids love them!  II intended for these to be beach shoes, but Avery wants to wear them all the time.  They are super easy to put on, but stay on even when running.  Well that’s it.  Here is a link that I  found for Doggers shoes on Ebay or stop by your local CVS to pick up a pair.


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