Killing Weeds with White Vinegar-Tested! Confirmed!

A couple of days ago, I read that you can kill weeds with white vinegar.  I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical, but after testing it myself I am now a believer.  There were several comments on the original post I read that said that it did not work.  I have a theory as to why that might have been the case for those people.  Check out my pictures of the grass and weeds in the brick that I sprayed just 3 hours ago.  Yes only 3 hours did this!

12:15pm healthy green weeds and grass

and then just three hours later…

3:15pm weeds are dead or almost dead!

I anticipate that by tomorrow they will be completely brown and ready to be easily pulled out.  Like I mentioned before, some people commented on the post I read this idea on that it did not work.  I believe that my success with this was linked to a few key things.  First, I sprayed the weeds when it was hot out and the sun was already shining on them.  They were already dehydrated making them more susceptible to slurping up the vinegar.  I really believe this made a big difference. Second, I used undiluted white vinegar in a hand held spray bottle and got the nozzle close to the weeds and thoroughly saturated them.  I do not believe a light spray would have done the trick.

In the post that introduced this idea to me it said to be sure not to spray on or too close to plants that you like because it will kill them too.  Judging by my fast results, I would assume this to be true so be careful where you spray it.  Overall, I am thrilled that this worked so well  because what a great chemical free way to kill weeds.  I hate using Roundup because not only is it super expensive, but spraying chemicals where my kids play and walk barefoot is not ok with me.  Please try this and let me know how it works! Thanks for reading and happy gardening!

Have you tried using vinegar to kill weeds before?  What other chemical free things have you used in your garden to kill weeds?  


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  1. 1

    I will DEFINITELY try this!! Thanks Kelly!

  2. 3

    Keren said,

    I’ve used it myself and it works great!

    • 4

      Kelly Y. said,

      It is amazing how well it works. I just did it again today on my back patio and presto…dead weeds. Awesome! On a side note, my water man husband said this is so awesome bc sprays like Roundup get in the water supply and are toxic not only to weeds but to our drinking water!

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