A Dresser Fit for a Princess!

For the last couple of month my 3 (almost 4) year old has been begging me to paint her room pink.  I normally might do such a thing, but we are considering moving and so not only would that be a waste of time, I have to believe that other people may not want to sleep in a pink room.  So we decided to compromise.  We got her these dressers and agreed that we would paint one of them pink. She was so excited about this!  The process was really simple and due to a perfect day for painting (cool and low humidity) the whole project was completed in one day.

There is really not too much to explain here, but I will give you a quick outline of what I did.  The dressers were practically new so they did not require cleaning.  I sanded every surface of the dresser with fine grit sandpaper and a  power sander.  This is a critical step because the dressers had a shiny top coat.  If you just tried to paint it, the paint would not adhere well and would peel off.  You do not need to completely remove the top coat, but you do need to rough it up a bit so the paint can stick.  After you sand it, take a wet rag and wipe the whole dresser and allow it to dry completely. Next you are ready to paint.  I used a high quality paint which was little pricey but since I did not need too much of it ( a quart of each color) it was not too bad.  The paint cost $50 total.  I recommend getting a good quality paint for these types of projects because you want good coverage that will last and you will find this in the better paints.  I also used a semi-gloss so it would be easier to clean and a bit more durable than a flat, satin or eggshell.  I used a foam roller to give a super smooth finish.

One of the things you want to remember when doing projects like this is that one thick coat is not the same as many thin coats.  One thick coat will easily chip.  If you do several thin coats of paint and allow each coat to dry thoroughly, not only will you get much better coverage but you will get a finish that is more durable.  I always try to allow several hours between coats and my patience on this always pay off with a nicer looking finish product.   Ok so without further ado…here is my dresser redo project!

This was the other one in the pair. I forgot to take a picture of the other one before I started to sand.

Before the redo!

Sanded the outside of the dresser

Sanded each of the drawer fronts

A little bit of paint and a bit of hard work and you get…

A dresser fit for a princess!


I have to admit that I did not think I was going to like it, but actually I love it.  I am planning on painting the other one in the set for my other daughter once I have some free time.  Oh and my daughter went nuts when she saw this.  She could not have been more excited to have a pretty pink dresser.  It was certainly worth the effort. Just another example of how you can make something awesome with a little creativity and time. Thank for reading!

Have you ever tried to redo and piece of furniture?  I would love to hear all about your experiences rehabing furniture.  


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