The Best Planting Tip Ever!


“Plant it low it will never grow. Plant it high it will never die”

There it is!. One of the best planting tips I have ever gotten and the idea behind this is simple.  When you dig a hole for your plant you want to make sure the root ball is about 1/2 inch about the ground surface when planted. This way when the plant settles (which it always does) it will not be “drowning”.  If you plant it low, plants tend to put all their energy into not drowning and rotting and often die or do very badly.  The other reason is that of you are going to put mulch down, the mulch will also cover the root ball.  Planting high will ensure your plant settles in correctly and thrives.

Note:  The only thing I know of that likes to be planted low is tomato seedlings.  They tend to do better when planted a little low.  Another great thing to do is to sprinkle a little organic plant food in the hole and then fill the hole with water before putting the plant in.

Ok so repeat after me…Plant it low it will never grow, plant it high it will never die!  Keep this in mind every time you plant something in your garden.  Happy Gardening!

What special tips and tricks do you use in the garden? I would love to hear from you!


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