Garden Update: Zucchini Growing Up!

Just wanted to share a few pictures and a quick update on growing my zucchini vertically.  I have to admit that it has been tougher than I thought to grow zucchini vertically. With that said, once you get them started it gets much easier.  What I have done is tied the main stalk of the plant to a wooden garden stake with a piece of garden string. I have tied it every couple of inches.  I also have cut off all leaves that are below the growing fruit.  This way the leaves are at the top of the stalk and the zucchini are hanging below them.

My plants are still growing and still have quite a bit of growing to do.  I would say that this method has been a success though as my plants have been producing like crazy. It is also nice that the zucchini are staying off the ground because this keeps them out of the mouths of critters.

One word of warning, be careful when you are removing the leaves because they have these prickly hairs on them (similar to some cacti) and they really irritate your skin. I suggest wearing gloves.  Thanks for reading and happy gardening!

Have you grown anything vertically this year?  Have you ever grown zucchini vertically?


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  1. 1

    I’ve never tried growing anything vertically (other than tomatoes, of course), but my zucchinis have been pretty productive, a good year I guess. I may try this next year as garden space is always at a premium and the zucchini plants tend to sprawl.

    • 2

      Kelly Y. said,

      Yes you should really try vertical growing. I grow everything vertically. Even watermelons! It takes only 1 sq. foot per zucchini plant when grown vertically. Saves tons of space! Thanks for reading.

  2. 3

    I bought a zucchini plant this week but it’s only about 7″ high. It does have one big flower though and a couple waiting to open. I will use a bamboo cane and string to grow it vertically as you have done. Your plant looks fantastic so your method must work well. It is neater and takes up less room than a floppy plant. I haven’t grown them before so don’t even know how big the plants get! I will see…

    • 4

      Kelly Y. said,

      Yes this method has worked well for me and does take up a lot less space. One of the things that I have found this year is that as you tie it up and take off the leaves, the less leaves means that the plant has more energy to put into fruit. We have had a good yield already this year. Zucchini grow really fast once they get established. I am sure you will have zukes in no time. Let me know how it turns out!

      • 5

        Thanks for the encouragement. It makes sense to cut off the lower leaves to let the plant put more energy into the fruits – I do that with my tomatoes.

      • 6

        Kelly Y. said,

        what…you do this with tomatoes??? I have never thought of that but it is a great idea. I am about to give my toms a haircut tonight 🙂

      • 7

        Yes, tomatoes work well with a trim I find. My plants are at the top of the greenhouse now so I am pinching out any more growth at the top and taken the leaves off below the first truss of toms. If we had more sun, they’d be great, not green!

      • 8

        Kelly Y. said,

        wow this is very smart. I will certainly give it a try. My toms have grown so tall this year from all the rain we have gotten recently.

  3. 9

    I don’t know whether it’s just me or if perhaps everyone
    else experiencing problems with your site. It
    seems like some of the text in your content are running off
    the screen. Can someone else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them too?
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      Kelly Y. said,

      I am not sure why that is happening. I think it might be a problem with your browser as I have not received any other concerns about that happening. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  4. 11

    Jane Doe said,

    This is a very old thread but in case anyone wanders by I thought I’d add my vertical zucchini experience. We grow all of ours vertical because it makes it SO MUCH EASIER to see squash bugs when they appear, as well as kill them. It’s also easier to dump buckets of rabbit poo at the base throughout the growing season, water without getting the leaves wet, and pick the squash. However, we use 7 ft T posts driven a foot and a half in the ground. Our zucchini are massive and there’s no way they’d stay upright on that itty bitty stake. As they grow upwards we use thick nylon rope to tie it to the post, leaving some slack in the tie to allow for them to grow. We grow almost everything vertical due to lack of space, even sugar pie pumpkins. 🙂

  5. 12

    VoxClara said,

    I “accidentally” grew one of my zucchini vertically this year and it was a great success. I was growing a compact, bush variety and happened to put a round tomato cage over it when it was young. Presto! Vertical plant and no zucchini getting dirty or lost on the ground. It wouldn’t work with a large vining variety but was perfect for the compact, bush kind. Will do it again next year.

  6. 13

    Wow can’t wait to try this

  7. 14

    Can hardly wait to try all these great
    Ideas thanks

  8. 15

    Dawood Khan said,

    Hi..thanks for sharing. My zucchini has started fruits but after few days lush green zucchini turns yellow and ultimately dies. Is removing leavessels wlill help?

  9. 16

    Sarah said,

    I did this last year, including removing the bottom leaves. When you remove the leaves it leaves a bit of an opening for insects to get into. I’m growing my own vertically again this year but I’m not cutting off any leaves.

  10. 18

    Lillian said,

    Never thought of tying my zucchini plant up before but I’m sure gonna try it this year. I lose a lot of zucchini by it lying on the ground. Thank you so much. Have you tried that with straight neck squash ?

  11. 20

    Kate lee said,

    Thank you!

  12. 21

    Loges said,

    Ever since I read about growing zucchini vertically, I decided to do this for my squash and pumpkins. Eager to see the results.

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