More Money…Yes Please!

The Money Tree

Money! It is something that most of us need, many of us hate, but the majority of us are trying to get.  Money is something that can make a relationship or break a relationship. It causes a lot of stress in marriages and often is fought about between couples more than anything else.  Why? Well think about it, we all need it (to varying degrees), but yet making money can be very difficult, especially in a down economy.

As I was thinking about my blog and moving forward, I realized that I have written many posts about 2 of the things I love, gardening and food.  What I have neglected to write about is saving money, making more money and financial growth which is the other area that I am very interested in.  I have decided to start a new section on my blog dedicated to making and having more money.  It is going to be called “More money…yes please”!  In this section, I am going to post all kinds of things ranging from saving money, making money from your hobby or side job, investing in the stock market, selling your stuff, making money online and much more.

I have learned so much over the last 10 years about how to make more from what you have an I can’t wait to share some of the incredible tips and ideas that others have shared with me. It is amazing how making some simple changes in your life can drastically change your financial future.  I am also going to post links to lots and lots of great resources that I have used and are currently using.  I hope to flood my readers with information and motivate them to think about money differently.  To think of financial growth (without taking on another full-time job) as possible and achievable rather than something that is out of reach.

I am hoping to post the first article in this series later today, so if this is something that interests you make sure to follow my blog and like my facebook page so that you don’t miss a thing!  Thanks for reading and let’s start making some money!


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