Zoodles: A great app for kids

A kid safe mode for every device!

It is not often that I find something tech related that I want to write about.  I am one of those people who would definitely rather have my hands in the garden than on a tablet or keyboard. The truth is I know very little about electronics and am constantly googling “how to…”  when it comes to all things tech related.

Now with all this being said, having kids has changed my thoughts on technology related items a bit.  While I am totally afraid of all  of the trouble my kids could get into on the internet, I have also found that there are certain programs that can be great learning tools.  One of the programs I have recently discovered is Zoodles and it is pretty awesome.

The program is call Zoodles and here is how it works.  It is both a computer program and an app.  Once you have installed the app, you log into the “parent dashboard” and create the settings for your child. You can create different setting for each of your children. This is great because my oldest is 4 and the things she likes to do and learn are really different from what my 21 month old wants to play and learn.    Through the parent dashboard, you add apps that you already have on your phone or ipad.  This program organizes all into different categories like games, books, art, etc. and displays them in an easy to navigate way under your child’s picture.  This way when my daughter wants to play she just opens the app, selects her picture and then all the apps I chose for her are right there.  It is also cool that it has a child lock feature so that while she is using this app she can not do anything else on my phone.  Only a parent can unlock it. This is great because a couple of weeks ago my little one apparently used my phone to call my dad at work and leave a 30 minute message on his answering machine.  😦

So you might still be thinking that this app is cool, but not amazing.  Let me tell you what I think makes this app amazing.  At the end of each week, Zoodles sends me an email that outlines all of the time that my child spent using that app.  They tell you all about their week on Zoodles. Included is any pictures they draw using the art app, what the child’s favorite subject was that week (including information about cognitive and creative developmental).  They give the whole report that breaks everything down and is really easy to breeze through.  My favorite part though is that they share your child’s pictures with you which you can then save and share with whoever you want.  One more awesome feature is that you can send your child video messages. I sometimes do this from work when I have a free moment and my kids go crazy over it.  What a fun thing for a parents that travels.  You can also record your own voice reading Zoodles storybooks that can be saved and your child can read them over and over.  Now maybe you are beginning to see what I love so much about this program.

If you want to learn more about Zoodles check out the website.  Zoodles can be used from a phone, a tablet or your computer.  As I said when I started this post, I am not a huge fan of technology but this is surely and exception.  This program provides something fun for my kids to do, while learning and giving me a little quite mommy time.    It is also great for keeping your kids busy while they are riding in the shopping cart.  It seems to distract them enough that my daughter does not beg me to buy her everything she sees. Priceless!  Oh and this program is FREE!

Have your kids ever used this program?  Do you know of any other programs like this?  I would love to hear from you!

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    Samantha Martinez said,

    Hey i want to log out of someone elses account but i can’t and it’s my tablet so i dont want there stuff

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