How to Prepare Your Roses for a Second Bloom

WOW! Who would not love to have this by their front door?

A beautiful rose bush can really bring a flower garden to life and learning how to care for your roses is important. When my husband and I bought our home 7 years ago, there was a beautiful rose bush growing on the side of our house.  It was the only thing planted in the whole yard that I liked, so I was determined to take good care of it.  I have heard people complain that their rose bushes don’t do as well as they would like and they are not sure why.  Well I am here to give you a few quick tips that are guaranteed to significantly increase your blooms and the health of your rose bushes.

The first thing you want to remember is that rose bushes need to be cut back each year.  I used to think that cutting my bush back in the fall was enough, but that is wrong.  If you want to get a second bloom from your bush, cut it back in mid to late summer.  First trim off the dead leaves and then cut back the healthy shoots by about one third.  This may seem like a lot, but I promise your roses will love you for it.  Next apply fertilizer specially formulated for rose bushes and then a nice layer of mulch.  There are several different brands of fertilizer and I have had good luck with pretty much all of them.  No need to spend a lot of extra money of the more expensive ones. The mulch will help to keep the soil from drying out in the hot summer heat.  You will want to water your roses about once a week if there is no significant rain fall that week.

That’s really it.  If you follow these 3 simple steps your rose bushes will not only be healthier, but they will produce more beautiful flowers this season.  If you want to learn more about fertilizing your roses check out this link. It is a quick read, but has lots of valuable information in it.

Do you grow roses in your garden?  What are your special tricks to care for your roses?  I would love to hear from you.


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