“I Spy” Quilt for Kids

An “I Spy” quilt for baby Madison.

My sister is going to be having a baby in a couple more weeks and I wanted to make my new little niece something special.  Typically I would crochet something, but had trouble getting motivated to start a crochet project .  Then I stumbled upon this idea.  An “I Spy” quilt.  I am sure that most of you remember playing this game as a kid. You know, one person says “I spy something green” and then everyone else tries to guess what it is.  This quilt is based on that idea.  Each of the squares on the quilt is different. This makes a great gift for kids as they can enjoy snuggling with their quilt as well as playing the I spy game.  Kids quilts are a great first project for a beginner quilter. They are generally smaller and less intricate, so they can be more manageable.  Oh and I doubt you will ever hear a kid remark on an unstraight line or a missed stitch.  🙂

Here is what I did to make this quilt.  First, I bought 48 different children’s fabrics.  This is much easier than it sounds.  Ebay sells quilt squares for reasonable prices. For this type of project this was a huge time saver.  Next stitch the square together in any pattern you choose. I like the 12 different blocks of 4 squares each, but truly the possibilities are endless.  Next cut out your border and attach it.  Finally you will choose your batting (the fluffy stuff inside the quilt) and your backing. Then you are ready to “quilt” it.  I am not going to go into all the details because there are some amazing tutorials already on the web.  Here are a few.

Quilting Basics (getting started)- piecing, cutting, sewing machines

I Spy Quilt Patterns

Machine Quilting Basics

Tips and Tricks

Best Quilting Books

If you read through these links you will find all of the information necessary to make your first I Spy quilt.  It is such a great feeling to complete a project like this because not only is it challenging, but fun too.  Beware though, quilting is a little addicting.  This quilt kept me up until all hours of the night because I was so excited to work on it and get it done.  Happy quilting.

Have you ever made a quilt before?  Are you a beginning quilter, seasoned quilter or just thinking about making a quilt?  If you have never made a quilt, what has stopped you from making a quilt in the past?  I would love to hear from you!


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    Hey Kelly, I made a quilt for a friend and made matching burp cloths with the extra material. Flannel is the most absorbent.

    • 2

      Kelly Y. said,

      Great idea Lauren and you are right about flannel. I am currently making training underwear for Cassidy and I am using flannel layers for the inner absorbent part. Thanks for the great idea!

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