Mommy’s Time Out!

Wow, I can’t believe how long it has been since I posted something on my blog. The truth is that the last couple of months have just been insane in my house.  I feel like I am never getting anything accomplished.  The worst part about this is that when life gets like this the last thing any of us have time for is a little mommy time, but missing out on that little bit of me time sucks!

In the interest of  getting back some mommy time, I decided a couple of months ago that I would give running a try.  Yes, running!  Any of you that know me know that I hate to run. I have often said that I only run when someone is chasing me.  Well things have changed a bit (or a lot).

About 2 months ago, while at the gym just cruising along on the elliptical machine, I had the idea that I should try to run…just a little.  Well, just a little has turned into quite a bit.  I started out with the goal of running one mile.  Once I ran 1 mile, I felt so proud of myself that I wanted to run 1.5 miles.  Now this had turned into a competition with myself always trying to run just a little bit longer or faster.

I have found that running is actually pretty amazing for me both mentally and physically.  My body feels great after a run and my mind feels great after having 45-60 minutes of mommy time.  Time where no one talks to me, needs a snack, wets their pants or cries. We recently joined the YMCA and wow there is nothing like free babysitting to motivate you to exercise. I find that in those crazy days when I am at my limit, the idea of being able to get a little down time from 2 small children is enough to get my ass on the treadmill.

I have convinced a friend (thanks, Jen) to run with me and that certainly makes it fun too.  One of the things people have asked me is  “how long will this last”?  Truthfully, I am not sure.  I do have a tendency to go full steam head with things and then get bored and stop, never to do it again.   The thing that has been keeping me going is that I keep setting a new goal. These little goals are keeping me motivated right now.

This coming Sunday I am going to be running in my first race ever!  The best part is that three of my best friends will be running right along with me.  Right now I feel like even if I never run again I have already completed a huge achievement considering that just a few months ago I could have barely run to the end of my street.

You may be wondering why I am sharing all this.  Truth is, as I was thinking about a post for my blog, I got to thinking about how it is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and how easy it is to cut out the things that seem unnecessary.  This leads us to feeling bored in our routines and having a short fuse (for me) with the people around us.  It is so important when we are raising our kids not to neglect ourselves and just assume that when our kids leave the nest then we will get back to taking time for ourselves.

If I have gotten even on person thinking about what they can do add something fresh into their life then the time I took writing this was worthwhile.   Set a goal for yourself now. Instead of waiting until the new year to make a resolution, make one now with the goal of keeping it up until the new year.  Reframing your goal to be something that you can accomplish in 30 days is much more motivating that one that lasts all year.

What do you do to give yourself some me time?  Do you try to make a little time for yourself each week?  I would love to hear about what you do to take care of yourself or what you plan to do!

. Imagine if it really worked this way! 🙂

If you are interested in running, here is the link to a fantastic running blog called Organic Runner Mom. I went to High school with Sandra and her blog is totally awesome and motivating!


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    So funny you posted this – I just joined a gym TODAY and while I won’t be running much, I’m so glad to be taking back time for ME!

  2. 3

    Monica Gaffney said,

    God bless Sister! I too have run but eventually the pain in my knees was too awful. The PT guy said I had a bad “q angle” (my hips are too wide for my height causing too much tension on the outside of my knees). Anyway I tell you this because come January when it’s too cold to run outdoors, give Pilates a shot. I love love love it & it tightens EVERYTHING up. Again, congrats!!!! Live the someeecard at the bottom. Those crack me up

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