Sanitize Your Toothbrush for Pennies


Just the other day some of my mommy friend’s and I were talking about how disgusting toothbrushes can get.  That inspired me to do a little research and here is what I came up with.  A great way to sanitize your toothbrush for pennies. This is for you Mandy.

Here is all you need to do. Once per week, soak your toothbrush in a cup of hydrogen peroxide for about 5 minutes.  When you are done, simply rinse and let dry. It is also best to always store your toothbrush upright so that it can dry thoroughly between uses. If you prefer, you could soak your toothbrush in white vinegar as that would have the similar sanitizing effects.  Who knew keeping your toothbrush clean could be so easy and cheap.  Guess I won’t need to buy that $50 toothbrush sanitizer anymore.  Always remember, a penny saved is a penny earned!


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